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Alexandrine Parrots – Why they’re named after Alexander the Great

Everyone knows Alexander the Great but does everyone know “The Great Alexandrine” named after him?

What’s the deal with Alexandrine Parrots?

Alexandrine Parrots, or Alexandrine Parakeets, are known for their stubbornness and self-know superiority. They know what they do and don’t like, and will forcibly let you know.

In saying that, when you are the “chosen one”, usually male Alexandrines prefer the female in the household and the female Alexandrines prefer the male in the household, the parrot will show great affection and be more patient.

Keep that in mind if you decide to buy one of these beautiful birds, and make sure you buy a bird who is the opposite sex to you. In that way, your partner will be in awe of the parrot’s devotion to you instead of them.

The male Alexandrines can be distinguished by the black ring around the neck which appears at roughly two years of age.

Behaviour and lifestyle

Alexandrine Parrots easily amuse themselves when there is no human interaction by biting wooden toys, talking, or whistling to themselves. They love grazing through their food bowl with a tendency to pick out their favourite snacks.

If you’re looking at adopting an Alexandrine Parrot you must invest in a large bird cage due to their tail and wingspan, otherwise they will be unable to move around the cage effectively and can become destressed. Their environment plays a huge part on their health and mood.

You must be aware that some days an Alexandrine will be your best friend and the next day will want to bite your finger off. Yes, these birds are very prone to mood swings!

Many owners of Alexandrine Parrots will state their mood depends on “what side of the bed he/she woke up on”.

Why are Alexandrine Parrots named after Alexander the Great?

Alexandrine Parrots have the characteristics of a great leader, which you will quickly come to notice in their company.

They will always be by your side through thick and thin, testing your inner self, but always rewarding you with their beautiful and clever presence.

Once you really get to know your Alexanderine you will come to realise why he/she is named after Alexander the Great.