About Human Animal Science

The human world is filled with animals.

Pets, wildlife, farms and zoos are important for so many people. But did you ever stop and wonder why? Why are so many of us fascinated with other species? And what impact does that have on our lives? What can we learn about ourselves from animals, and how can we make the world a better place for animals (human and non-human)?

Human Animal Science is a regular podcast hosted by Tim Adams and Mia Cobb that takes a scientific view of the world of humans and animals. Human Animal Science, also known as anthrozoology, is a growing multidisciplinary field of enquiry, and one that produces fascinating topics. Tim and Mia are lifelong learners in science and have come together to share their passion for science in this unique podcast.

Tim Adams

Tim is a qualified veterinarian, and has worked with pets and their owners both in practice and in community education for 20 years. Tim has a range of interests including anthrozoology, ecology, Darwinism and evidenced-based decision making. He is a non-remunerated Trustee on the board of the Australian Anthrozoloogy Research Foundation and lives in Melbourne, Australia with a house full of human and non-human animals.

Mia Cobb

Mia is a zoologist and current PhD candidate, researching working dog welfare. She has worked in animal shelter, stable and kennel facilities for 20 years. Mia thinks helping scientific research jump out of the academic journals and into the laps of everyone is fun and important. She enjoys scuba diving, reading, social media and photography. Mia is a founding Director of the Working Dog Alliance and lives on the edge of Victoria’s Yarra Valley with one dog, two cats, one toddler and one very patient husband.

James Oxley

In March 2011, James acquired a Masters by Research in Applied Biology at the University of Essex in the UK. This research looked not only into dog owners’ perceptions of three dog-related laws in the UK, but also looked into the occurrence and types of dog identification, dog walking and public knowledge of parasitic transmission. James also holds a BSc(Hons) in Animal Management from Writtle College, UK. James currently works as a full time research officer for a dog organisation in the UK and in his spare time carries out independent research investigating human-animal interactions and various aspects of owner knowledge and animal welfare. James joins the Human Animal Science team in 2015, collating all the exciting conferences and events relating to Anthrozoology happening around the world, just for you!

A big thank you to Steve Melville of Salt Studios for helping with audio production.