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Free roaming cats: a phantom menace?

Mark Farnworth, from the Department of Natural Sciences at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, is curious about cats.

Cats as pets and cats as pests. Are cats a threat to biodiversity or are they possible caretakers of biodiversity?

This interview was fascinating, and the topic complex, so we are releasing it in two parts.

In this – part one – we introduce Mark’s research examining the issues, impact and attitudes toward free roaming (both owned and unowned) cat populations in New Zealand.

Part two can be found here.



Mark Farnsworth - Free roaming cats
Mark Farnsworth

Mark Farnworth: Research Gate Profile

Unitec: Dept of Environmental and Animal Sciences

G2Z Australia National Cat Action Plan:
Draft currently seeking feedback


Image credit: Flickr/Amber Brooke

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